Where dose SunClash take place?

SunClash will take place in Ibiza, ‘Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Carrer de Cervantes, 27, 07820 Sant Antoni’ Evening events will take place in various night clubs in the San Antonio area.

What are the dates for SunClash

The official SunClash dates are Friday 4th October to Monday 7th October. Extra days can be added to booking (availability depending)

What is the closest airport to Ibiza Rocks Hotel?

Ibiza Airport. Airport code: IBZ. Distance to Ibiza Rocks Hotel (22.9 km) 23mins

Can I attend the boat party without a Platinum wristband?

No. You can only attend the boat party if you purchase a ‘Platinum Package.

I no longer want to attend SunClash, can I change the name on my booking?

Yes. Email info@sunclash.com for fees and T&Cs

I no longer can attend the SunClash, can I get a refund?

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please read the T&Cs for full details

What is the age limit for SunClash?

SunClash is an 18+ event.

Are drinks included with this event?

No. Drinks are not included with any package

Where and how do I receive my wristbands?

All wristbands will be collected on the island of Ibiza at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. ID will be required to collect wristband.

What’s the dress code for SunClash?

Each event will be themed, dress code not compulsory but advised.

How many people can share a room?

Ibiza Rocks Hotel can accommodate rooms for different group sizes. A supplement fee will be issued for unoccupied spaces.

Can I come for just one day?

Yes. But the price of the package will remain the same

Can I pay for just one event?

Yes. Please email info@sunclash.com for all prices and T&Cs

When will theme nights be announced?

All themes will be announced 6 months before the event start date

What happens if someone drops out from my booking.

The full price of the room will still be required